Worried About the Competition in Your Area?

Recently a windshield repair forum member commented on his frustration over a competitor who’s job performance was casting a negative light on the windshield repair industry as a whole.

While protecting the legitimacy of our industry by offering quality service is extremely important, having a competitor who lacks the skills and integrity necessary to project a professional image can be a golden opportunity for an enterprising windshield repair technician to increase market share. I would much rather compete with someone who is not reliable than someone who is, and that is exactly how I got most of my fleet accounts without having to match prices.

Making repeat sales calls on a regular schedule shows you understand the importance of reliability. If a fleet manager knows you show up like clockwork every Monday morning at 10am, he knows he can count on you to show up to do the repairs on schedule as well.

If a competitor does not do high quality repairs I suggest offering the first repair for free to prospective fleet accounts. If you can prove you are more reliable and the quality of your repairs are better than the competition the prices becomes less important. Even if price remains the determining factor, sooner or later the competitor will fail to show up and you will have the opportunity to prove your value.  Actions often speak louder than words, and providing exceptional customer service in a consistent manner can win over new clients and maintain existing customers. Once your competitor has dropped the ball and you have your foot securely planted inside the door your customer is not likely to give him a second chance as long as you keep providing superior service.

For more dialog on this topic visit our windshield repair forum.

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