The summer repair season is approaching and that means dealing with really hot windshields.  What does it mean for the end seals on your bridge?

Question:  If you place a bridge on a really hot windshield, will the end seals melt?

Answer:  Material injects at 482 degrees Fahrenheit, or 250 degrees Celsius to make Delta Kits’ end seals. The seals may soften slightly in the heat you’re working in, but it’s not likely you will ever see one melt.  The suction & vacuum cups Delta Kits uses are made from a different material, but they too have a very high melting point.  Even the nitrile gloves Delta Kits sells have a working temperature of up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit or 110 degrees Celsius.  So, when you start to see the tires melting on your car, you may also start to see a problem with your Delta Kits end seals. – (Brent Deines, Delta Kits)

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