Meet Monique – Delta Kits’ New Sales Rep

MO Info

Monique A.K.A. MO, from Austin, Texas, is Delta Kits’ new sales representative.

Get to Know Monique

At a glance:
Monique holds 8 years of experience working in the automotive glass industry teaching and training on windshield replacements, windshield repairs, and doing marketing.

Monique’s home base is:
Austin, Texas

What is her favorite part of her job at Delta Kits?
My favorite part of my job is meeting and developing relationships with many amazing people

Fun Fact:
I love car karaoke

If she could visit anywhere in the world she has never been to, she would go to:

If she had to listen to one song for the rest of her life, it is:
“Simple Man” Lynyrd Skynyrd

Hit MO up the next time you need supplies or if you have any questions or concerns

Direct: 458-201-7281

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