See a Rock Chip Repair in Real Time

Professional Windshield Repair Kit – See an auto glass rock chip repair under 5 minutes

Facts about Delta Kits windshield repair resins:
  • Money-back guarantee if customer is not 100% happy.  Additional lifetime guarantee against repair failure. (Applies to resin sales as well as service performed by Delta Kits windshield repair technicians.)
  • Most Delta Kits customers offer a lifetime money-back guarantee on any repair that fails.
  • Developed exclusively for the windshield repair industry.
  • Formulated for both versatility and proven to be effective in all temperatures since 1983 (28 years in 2011), including areas that regularly see temperature extremes such as Alaska, Siberia, Arizona and the Middle East.
  • Increased market share and popularity every year since inception.
  • Passed British Standards Institute (BSI) testing.
  • Extensively tested in both the laboratory and the field for durability, clarity, elongation, cohesion, adhesion, wetting and shelf life. (No single attribute should ever be used to determine the quality of a windshield repair resin.  For instance, if the tensile strength of a resin is too hard, it may become brittle and therefore not the best choice for injecting into a windshield that is constantly subject to flex and stress.)
  • Proven safer to use than many other popular windshield repair resins.
  • Wholesale windshield repair resin available
  • Preferred by professional windshield repair technicians worldwide.
  • Sold by several of the world’s leading auto glass both manufacturers and distributors.
  • Do not require primers.
  • The most popular windshield repair resin on Amazon is a proprietary formulation available exclusively from Delta Kits.
  • Sold by the friendliest and most helpful people in the industry! OK, I may be a little biased on this one.
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