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Delta Kits has been using UPS as a primary shipping carrier for a very long time. We want to deliver our products to our customers in the safest, most convenient, and most economical way. Shipment tracking and product insurance are two main reasons why Delta Kits prefers UPS as a shipping carrier. In other words, shipping via UPS allows the customer to locate their order while en route by using a provided tracking code. UPS insurance protection provides customers’ a guarantee for damaged or misplaced packages. Lately, there has been feedback from our customers regarding the shipping costs associated with their Delta Kits orders that we would like to address. For certain items, UPS shipping costs may seem unrealistically high; let’s address this by using the Delta Kits carbide burs as an example. This should help illustrate how charges for lightweight items shipped in small padded envelopes are similarly priced by UPS.

If a customer were to order a 100-pack of carbide burs, the standard UPS package for that item would be a 7″-width x 9″-length padded pouch. Now let’s say a customer orders three 5-packs of the same type of carbide bur; that order will be shipped in the same 7″ x 9″ padded pouch. UPS’ policy on small shipments is that any order weighing 1lb or less will automatically be rated at the UPS 1lb price. Based on current UPS rates, shipment to commercial addresses will be rated at approximately the same price for the padded pouches described above. It is important to note that for residential shipments there are additional surcharges depending on the location, which again are priced by UPS.

The point here is that Delta Kits does not create the shipping cost of our products; UPS sets those prices and we simply quote UPS’s book rate. Delta Kits has not enacted any price increases in shipments – we try to save our customers money while shipping their order in the best and most economical way possible. In order to better serve our customers and help them save money, we now offer Priority Mail for small orders totaling $25 or less! Take advantage of this opportunity and stock up on some extra carbide burs, end seals, and other accessories!

For more information about Delta Kits’ shipping policies, please feel free to contact us at (800) 548-8332 or email

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