The New B150 Compact Bridge

Delta Kits’ new B150 compact bridge is solid yet ultra-lightweight. Its compact design fits perfectly into Delta Kits’ On-the-Go Pro Pack, item 21000, tool belts, and mobile equipment boxes. A large viewing window in the base allows for extra visibility during repairs. The brand new B150 Windshield Repair Bridge is a sleek, easy-to-use, customizable and compact bridge that produces professional results!

In addition to its superb portability, the B150 offers windshield repair technicians extensive options for customization: the bridge base comes in two different colors with the option to add one’s business logo. For example, the B150 is available in a vibrant blue-colored frame with a white “Delta Kits” logo laser- engraved on the surface. Here’s what one Delta Kits customer had to say about the new B150:

“I wanted that particular design for a bridge. The way we market windshield repair at ECO Auto Glass, size matters. Most of our equipment can fit into a fanny pack, which is important because it allows our tools to be attached to us at all times. I believe you can perform as good of a repair, if not a better one, and in less time with the B150. Everyone at ECO is very happy with it. The repairs are coming out amazing. Plus, it’s great having our logo printed on the bridges. It’s like a compact version of several of the industry’s best bridges. I really like the 360-degree adjustability and the viewing window on the B150; they definitely help with my repairs. The viewing window is something no other bridges seem to have; it all just makes sense!” – Jamie Miller, ECO Auto Glass

Try Delta Kits’ new B150 Windshield Repair Bridge and experience for yourself its unique features, exceptional portability, and unparalleled performance.

For more information, visit or call toll free at (800) 548-8332.

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