Behind the Scenes at Delta Kits

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Delta Kits is our ability to ship your entire order, complete, the same day you order it if placed by 3:00 pm Pacific time. Heck, we’ve even chased the UPS man down a couple of times!

Eliminating back orders requires two things; great inventory management and a committed shipping team. Fortunately, we have both. The Delta Kits warehouse staff goes above and beyond high expectations but remains almost exclusively behind the scenes, so we thought it was time for proper introductions.

John Meng works swiftly and quietly. I feel this last part is notable because he is also the pastor at a local church, and pastors are not generally known for their quiet nature. John has also spent a lot of time competing professionally in rodeo in the roping events, and employs these skills daily in rounding up your orders.

Jestin Long came to Delta Kits after serving in the United States Marine Corp with a tour in Iraq. He brings attention to detail, discipline and a positive attitude to his job and is constantly looking for ways we can improve our service to you.

Dave Patterson is the leader of the group and a veteran of the United States Air Force. In addition to managing the warehouse operations, he works tirelessly to make sure the right products are on our shelves at the right time. Dave is often the first to arrive and the last to leave, which is much appreciated by his coworkers.

The Delta Kits shipping team packs every order with care and understands that if you don’t have your tools and supplies on time, you can’t make money. So, the next time you are enjoying the pack of peanuts received with your Delta Kits order, remember the team that worked tirelessly to make sure it got there intact and on time.

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