The Best Windshield Repair Resin on the Market?

Every day for the past couple of weeks, Delta Kits sales and customer service reps have taken calls from customers who are upset about Safelite’s most recent ad campaign. It’s also been a hot topic on  I must say I’m a bit perplexed by the negativity surrounding these ads, especially since many of our customers admit they have seen an increase in requests for windshield repair since the inception of the Safelite ads.

Having started as a one-man windshield repair company, I’m no stranger to the challenges faced by independent windshield repair technicians, but I’ve also learned to look for the silver lining in every cloud that comes my way.

The Commercials

On the positive side, Safelite’s ads have dramatically increased consumer awareness of the windshield repair industry. Their commercials dramatize the most common way a windshield gets damaged in a way that has never been publicized before. The ads have also done an excellent job of showing potential customers why they should get their windshields repaired and how the service can often be performed with no out-of-pocket expense. You have to admire the quality of their advertising.

Some of Safelite’s ads and press releases claim that their resin “lasts longer and stays stronger” than any other resin. Again, I really don’t understand why this has worked up so many people. Windshield repair resin suppliers have been making similar claims for years, so this is nothing new.

For nearly three decades, Delta Kits has been selling high-quality windshield repair products, and we back all of our resins with a money-back guarantee. We have done extensive laboratory testing on all the resins we sell, but more importantly, technicians who use our products know that they can count on the repairs made using Delta Kits resins to last for the life of the vehicle. Laboratory testing has its place, but there is no substitution for experience. Only time will tell if Safelite’s new resin holds up as well as Delta Kits windshield repair resin in the real world. For their customers and the reputation of our industry, I hope it will.

Record Sales

Delta Kits is experiencing record sales again this year, as are many of our customers, so we plan to just keep on doing our best to provide superior products and customer service. I hope our customers will do that same and not be sidetracked by creative ads their competitors run. If we rise to the occasion, competition will only make us stronger!

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Facts about Delta Kits windshield repair resins:
  • Money-back guarantee if customer is not 100% happy.  Additional lifetime guarantee against repair failure. (Applies to resin sales as well as service performed by Delta Kits windshield repair technicians.)
  • Most Delta Kits customers offer a lifetime money-back guarantee on any repair that fails.
  • Developed exclusively for the windshield repair industry.
  • Formulated for versatility and proven to be effective in all temperatures since 1983 (28 years in 2011), including areas that regularly see temperature extremes such as Alaska, Siberia, Arizona and the Middle East.
  • Increased market share and popularity every year since inception.
  • Passed British Standards Institute (BSI) testing.
  • Extensively tested in the laboratory and the field for durability, clarity, elongation, cohesion, adhesion, wetting and shelf life. (Do not use only one single attribute to determine the quality of a windshield repair resin.  For instance, if the tensile strength of a resin is too hard, it may become brittle and therefore not the best choice for injecting into a windshield that is constantly subject to flex and stress.)
  • Proven safer to use than many other popular windshield repair resins.
  • Wholesale windshield repair resin available
  • Preferred by professional windshield repair technicians worldwide.
  • Sold by several of the world’s leading auto glass manufacturers and distributors.
  • Do not require primers.
  • The most popular windshield repair resin on Amazon is a proprietary formulation available exclusively from Delta Kits.
  • Sold by the friendliest and most helpful people in the industry! OK, I may be a little biased on this one.
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