Making Windshield Repair a Year-round Service

Windshield repair is not only a fair weather affair. If equipped correctly, fall and winter can be busy times, making windshield repair a year-round service for your business. With the sanding of roads and cold weather, it is likely there are just as many windshields in need of repair as during warmer months. Are you prepared to keep going strong after the weather turns?

To be successful you need to be able to counter colder temperatures, wet conditions, and water in windshield breaks. Fortunately, there are tools and tactics to address these issues in a simple manner.

The optimal glass temperature for a windshield repair is between 70 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. When the ambient air temperature below this range, successful repairs are still achievable with the right tools and techniques. The article Controlling Glass Temperature contains additional detailed information on this topic.

If you are a mobile technician, you have likely had to do a repair in the rain. A Bubble Dome (Item # 23000) is the best tool to keep the repair area dry and block UV light at the same time. A gasket between the dome and the glass keeps water from running down into the repair area.

Finally, if there is water within the break, remove for a successful repair. Removing the moisture from a break takes as little as 20 seconds using a Delta Kits Moisture Evaporator (Item # 24430) and the glass can be returned to ambient temperature in as few as 60 seconds using the Delta Kits Heat Exchanger. Additionally, the Moisture Evaporator will remove any hydrophobic coatings such as Rain-X® that can interfere with resin adhesion.

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