Delta Kits Windshield Repair Training at the Southwest Car Wash Association Expo

In conjunction with the Southwest Car Wash Association’s (SCWA) annual convention and exposition held in Arlington Texas, March 6-8 this year, Delta Kits presented a training and certification class for eight windshield repair technicians. Attendees received extensive hands-on laminated auto glass training that concluded with a ROLAGS based written exam to test each participant’s knowledge about windshield repair.

Delta Kits instructor Korey Gobin enjoys the relaxed environment created by the small class sizes. “We get an opportunity to know and understand our students during these classes and it’s amazing the variety of backgrounds people in this industry have. For example, in this class we had a graduate of Texas Tech’s MBA program, a NASA employee, and a US Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agent. It’s educational and fun at the same time,” said Gobin.

The SCWA Expo focuses on technology, best practices and opportunities for the car wash industry and the show is a natural fit for the windshield repair business with many car washes making the service available to their customers. The ease of windshield repair and simplicity of Delta Kits equipment are important attributes for a business where speed and ease of use is vital to success.

The next Delta Kits windshield repair training and certification class will be held in Eugene, Oregon on April 15, 2011.

Call Bruce McDonald at 541-345-8554 for details.

Congratulations to those who completed our March training sessions!

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