A Word From Bill D

Bill started in the windshield repair business 22 years ago at a time when information was scarce and the equipment much more primitive. “There was no internet, no forum…my training was a practice windshield,” Bill wrote in an email.

According to Bill, Delta Kits has raised the bar for everyone. “Your products and service are remarkable. Ask a question and get answers quickly.” Having used multiple windshield repair systems from various manufacturers, Bill’s comments come from experience. Bill recently upgraded to the Delta Kits B250 windshield repair bridge and likes the improved functionality of the newly designed adjusting knob and smooth action of the locking lever.

Bill used to do mostly insurance work as a subcontractor for two major glass companies, but went back to serving [auto] dealers. “I was driving 200 miles per day on my dime,” Bill said. “While dealers can be fickle, they also like reliable service,” he added.

Having learned many lessons on his own, Bill’s advice to new technicians is simple: “Get a moisture evaporator, a good probe, battery pack, and a selling attitude.” For more thoughts from Bill you can find him on the Windshield Repair Forum under the handle USMC.

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