Field Report: Mobile Tech Expo 2011

The 10th annual Mobile Tech Expo was held January 21st & 22nd in Corpus Christi, Texas at the Richard Borchard Regional Fairgrounds. This is the first year the expo has been in Corpus Christi after moving from Clearwater, Florida.

This year’s expo included many interactive displays and demonstrations. “What’s nice about the Mobile Tech show as compared to some of the larger trade shows is that you can really see each exhibit without having to rush,” says Delta Kits account executive Korey Gobin. “It’s a slower pace and you can really spend time with people.”

Delta Kits gave headlight restoration and windshield repair demonstrations throughout the show. Technicians that visited to the booth were able get technical advice and coaching on issues they were having with their repairs.

Delta Kits also conducted a Windshield Repair Certification course on January 23rd and certified 10 new students. This was the first of two On the Road Certification courses currently on the schedule for 2011. The second course will be in Arlington, Texas on March 5th.

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