Customer Profiles: Stories of Getting Started in the Windshield Repair Business

At Delta Kits, you ask and we deliver. We speak to thousands of people every year who have questions about the windshield repair and headlight restoration industry. Many are individuals who are contemplating starting their own business and want to know what to expect if they take the plunge. Others already run a business and are looking to expand their service offerings.

All of us at Delta Kits know the nuts and bolts of windshield repair and headlight restoration and have the benefit of talking with all of you every day. We can answer your questions, direct you to other available resources, and even provide morale support. However, we understand that we are on the inside looking out and a different perspective is often useful. To that end we would like to share with you the experiences of several of your peers who have taken the plunge and stayed afloat. Below is the first in this series of profiles.

For Todd Everett, the start of a windshield repair business was the start of a new career. Having graduated from college, he worked in the steel fabrication industry for over 25 years. After devoting himself as a purchasing agent and an estimator, the company closed its doors after 150 years in business. What now?

“I was tired of working for someone else and I wanted my own small company,” Everett said. He set his sights on buying an existing windshield repair company that had been in business since 1978; the first repair company in the area. “It was perfect for me because I wanted a small, one man business.”

Learning the business from the previous owner, Everett started working for himself. Because he bought an existing business, his main concern in the beginning was keeping the existing customers. With a focus on fleet work, the challenge was learning to deal with the fleet managers. “After I learned their ways and how to work on their terms, I found it to be a great business,” Everett said.

So what does Todd enjoy the most about being his own boss? He has the freedom to do the job and run the business as he sees fit and knows that success or failure depends on him. That is a far different scenario than what he experienced in his first career.

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