Customer Service Spotlight – From the Windshield Repair Forum

If you are a regular on the Windshield Repair Forum this might be old news. But even if you’ve read this customer service success story it sure can’t hurt to read it one more time.

Forum member T4K recently shared this experience.

“Yesterday a customer was referred to me by one of my dealerships. She met me at the dealership to get a chip repaired. She told me she stopped at a car wash and a young man approached her car and said she had a really bad chip that may crack on her one month old Lexus. She refused his sales tactics and called the dealership and they referred her to me. I looked at her [windshield] and she had a spot about the size of a pin point that did not need to be repaired. She thanked me for my honesty and I gave her a card for her future use.

So far this morning I have received two calls from her friends because our meeting yesterday. This kind of business helps me to sleep better at night.”

Success stories are motivating and it goes to show how people can tell when they’re being thrown a curve.

Read the original post and comments at and add your own two cents while you’re at it. Great work T4K!

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