Rock Chicks Bring New Look to Windshield Repair

After founding Rock Chicks over eight years ago, Crystal still really enjoys her business. “I love this industry…and the customer’s expressions as well as their satisfaction once the job is done. It’s worth all the sweat,” she said.

Rock Chicks Owner ChristiThe company employs technicians in Texas, Nevada, California, and Florida and is growing. Rock Chicks is female founded and employees find that empowering in an industry dominated by men. “I love being a Rock Chick. This company is great!” commented one technician. “I get to be myself, look good, and love interacting with the customers,” she added.

According to her website,, after spending a lot of time in her father’s truck accessory shop, Crystal has had an interest in auto mechanics since childhood. Being a successful business owner is due in part to Crystal’s willingness to “get her hands dirty” and natural talents in sales and customer service. Crystal knows not only windshield repair, but has experience in windshield replacement, tire mounting and balancing, and truck accessories.

While Rock Chicks technicians have used various types of equipment over the years they are committed to Delta Kits brand repair equipment saying it’s “the best, hands down.” And the customer service keeps them coming back. “They always take first class care of me, especially Korey, and I’m grateful,” said Crystal. They “make my job easier.”

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