Harmon Solutions Group Announces FastestPay Service

When billing for a windshield repair covered by insurance, there is often a significant period of time that elapses from when the invoice is submitted to when you actually get paid. Waiting for a paper check can take weeks. Direct deposit is faster but can leave you waiting.

With FastestPay, Harmon Solutions Group (HSG), a third party administrator for insurance claims, offers a new service that will allow for payment of windshield repair invoices faster than direct deposit.

It works by issuing a unique card number for each invoice you submit that you then access online. After an invoice has been submitted and approved for payment, you will receive an email with a link to a secure Wells Fargo portal. Once logged in you are able to review the payment information and then process that payment through your merchant card services provider. HSG does not charge anything for the service though your normal merchant card account processing fees do apply for the use of FastestPay.

Eliminate the need to constantly monitor your mailbox or bank statement for days or weeks to find out when you’ve been paid for services rendered. More information on the service is available on HSG’s website in addition to an online registration form . HSG will continue to offer their traditional direct deposit or paper check payment methods.

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