Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

According to, “Over three-quarters of all American households have Internet access, and more than 92% of users say they find new businesses through Internet search engines.”Twitter Icon Delta Kits That means over 250 million people check the web looking for businesses to spend money with. A windshield repair or headlight restoration business is no exception. So, will they be able to find your business? Why is internet marketing for small business so important?

A great feature of the internet is the number of options it presents, so having a web presence does not need to be complicated or costly. These options range from a free listing using Google’s Places service to a multi-page website integrated with social media channels. The goal, whatever option you choose, is to convince your customers to pick up the phone and hear what you have to say.

Google My Business

Google My Business is the quickest way to hang your shingle out on the World Wide Web. A basic account is free and easy to set up. (In fact, your business might already be listed so make sure the information is accurate!)  A Google My Business listing will bring your company profile up during relevant searches in Google Maps, web searches, and Google’s directory service.

Another free listing, which I’m sure you’ve already taken advantage of, is With this free listing, you can describe your company, list hours, and solicit customer feedback. Customers find you by typing in their zip code or searching by state and city.

Business Website

If you want to step it up a bit with a website, you will need a domain name, hosting service and a site design. You will purchase your domain name from a registrar, most of which also offer hosting services.  Prices for web hosting with free e-mail start at under five dollars per month and go up from there.

Google Icon Delta KitsIn fact, your internet service provider (ISP) may offer free hosting services and some hosting companies offer free domain registration with the purchase of a hosting package. There are thousands of registrars. Web hosting companies to choose from and you don’t have to pay a lot for a good one. is one of the most popular and offers a good combination of features and value. is a free hosting option but has limited features. Look for a web host that is ICANN accredited, has a good reputation, good price, large selection of features and you can’t go too far wrong. Changing web hosts is not all that difficult if you don’t like the one you choose.

You can design a basic site yourself using an online template or have one created by a professional. Costs will vary but definitely don’t need to be prohibitively expensive and are well within reach of even the smallest side business.

Website Examples

As an example, Delta Kits has created two websites that focus on windshield repair ( and headlight restoration ( that give a basic overview of the services we offer.

Finally, there are small businesses that have taken their web presence to the next level. They use social media with their website.

One such business, The Treats Truck, broadcasts their upcoming stops, specials, and events via Twitter to help drive customer traffic. Their web page is simple, clean and focuses on the products. This strategy has resulted in people meeting the truck on streets and lining up to buy. Along with free media coverage for their novel approach to advertising on the web.

The bottom line is that you must put your business in the places your customers are looking. That place is becoming the internet.

Note: There are a number of things to consider when choosing a domain name and an e-mail address. Many companies choose a domain name that clearly identifies their business name, such as However, search engines key off words that are pertinent to the search so some companies choose a name that incorporates the primary keyword for their business, their location, or both, such as Be sure to consider who your target audience is when making this decision.

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