NEW Delta Kits Headlight Restoration Systems

Have you been considering adding headlight restoration services to you existing business but just haven’t yet? Well, wait no more. Delta Kits has improved its popular professional series headlight restoration systems with more discs, better tooling, and a lower price.

Headlight Restoration KitWith the average retail price to restore headlights around $90 and material costs of about six dollars per job, headlight restoration provides a great revenue stream to add to any automotive related business.

Changes to the new systems include the addition of 180-grit sanding discs and an improved random orbit sander. The 180-grit sanding discs were added to tackle headlights with an extra hard factory coating. (See “Harder than Normal” for the scoop.)

The new random orbit sander has more durable (metal) gearing and an improved housing design to meet the high standards of quality and dependability you have come to expect from Delta Kits.

*Delta Kits will continue to support users of the Metabo random orbit sander available in earlier systems.
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