A Busy Winter If You Know Where to Look

We often hear people lamenting on how their windshield repair and headlight restoration business slows down during the fall and winter months. If properly prepared, “off season” repair and restoration work is a year round business, and if you know where to look there are customers to be found.

If you haven’t heard, emergency service agencies are notoriously cash strapped these days and any money saving service will be appealing. Your headlight restoration service fits this bill. Restoration of polycarbonate spotlight and emergency light bar lenses is valuable because replacing them is expensive (up to several thousand dollars) and takes a vehicle out of service. If you have not already done so, contact your local police and fire departments, ambulance services and other emergency service agencies. Be sure to check windshields and headlights while you’re there!

Do you ever feel like you’re up against a brick wall when trying to get in with a large prospect? Companies are always looking to add low cost employee benefits and you can help them. You have a free employee benefit they can offer in the form of discounted windshield repair and headlight restoration services.

Set an appointment with the company human resources or benefits manager and offer a discount on your services to their employees. Have a simple promotional page created that they can add to their new employee handbook as well as a piece to announce the new benefits to current employees. With a professional presentation and a system that makes it simple for the folks in HR the chances of success are greatly improved.

Another sale opportunity that is often overlooked is restoration of vehicle tail lights. These are very often made of polycarbonate and good prospects for restoration in addition to headlights. Not only are they easy to complete, you can likely complete the job with the leftover sanding discs and coating you used restoring the headlights. In most cases tail light lenses can be restored using 1500 grit sanding discs and 3000 grit polishing discs. Seldom is there a need for courser grits.

Don’t let the rain dampen your spirits or the cold put a chill on your sales. Think outside the box and boost your bottom line. For additional information please contact your Delta Kits customer service representative.

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