Are You On Twitter?

You’ve probably used an online mapping application. It’s also likely you’ve at least heard about Twitter, a service that lets you send out short messages from a cell phone or computer to your followers in cyberspace. Well, recently the two have come together in what could be a useful new tool for your business.

Twitter Maps, available via the Bing search engine by Microsoft allows you to see Tweets (messages sent via Twitter) organized geographically on a map. You also have the ability to search for a specific topic, person, or place and see only those Tweets relevant to your search.

So what does this mean to you? If you have a Twitter account associated with your windshield repair or headlight restoration service, you can send messages to your Peeps[3], customers, or prospects to let them know of your latest deal. Better yet, you mobile technicians can broadcast your location so folks will know when you’re in the area.

Your messages will even be visible to people who don’t use Twitter. This increases your online visibility to a new group of potential customers.

Check out Twitter Maps and see which windshield repair and headlight restoration technicians are Tweeting in your area. To show your Tweets on the map, click on the “FAQ” link at the bottom left of the Twitter Maps page.

Good luck and remember not to Chirp too much when Tweeting.

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