Safety Tip: Keep Windshield Repair Materials out of a Child’s Reach

Windshield Repair Products Near Children

For those of you who keep windshield repair or headlight restoration equipment at home, or have children in or near your work area, remember to keep your windshield repair materials out of a child’s reach. With little ones, almost anything can be a choking hazard, and some tools used by technicians can puncture skin when not used carefully. Windshield repair resins can be harmful if ingested, but are also harmful to skin and eyes, so please be sure children do not have access to your windshield repair chemicals.

Not only is it important to keep the supplies you’ll be using in a safe place, it’s also important to make sure children can’t find discarded items.  Items like razor blades, curing tabs, and end seals.

One simple solution is to keep a lock on your toolbox when it’s not being used. Delta Kits’ headlight restoration and windshield repair toolboxes can accommodate locking devices, and most locks are very inexpensive to purchase.

Razor Blade Disposal Containers

Second, don’t throw razor blades into the trash without taking proper precautions. Specially made razor blade disposal containers or sharps containers can be purchased from your local safety supply store or from a variety of Internet stores. At Delta Kits, we use a red sharps safe disposal container with a self-locking lid to collect used razor blades. When filled, we dispose of the entire container in accordance with local regulations. Another option is to use an empty plastic container with a screw-on lid. Keep in mind that the container needs to be puncture-resistant to keep blades from poking through. Be sure to clearly mark the container “USED RAZOR BLADES”, and call your local sanitation department for proper disposal recommendations.

Remember to keep your Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available. A MSDS is a document that contains information on the chemical make-up, use and storage. It also includes handling, emergency procedures and potential health effects relating to the hazardous material. Delta Kits includes a MSDS in every shipment containing a product where one is necessary. Windshield repair resin and headlight restoration coating are examples of products with MSDS. Learn how to locate the chemicals in your MSDS, and make sure you have emergency contact information available. You can prepare yourself prior to any accident by following the proper emergency response procedures.

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