Revealed: “Phantom” Insurance Company Contact List

A topic of much discussion on has been the existence, or lack thereof, of a comprehensive contact list for insurance company claims departments. Forum member SGT graciously posted such a list on the forum for all to see. The list can be found on the forum by clicking here. On his post SGT says that the, “…list is very outdated so I suggest that it may be in your best interest to…make a few phone calls.” This will insure that the information you have is current.

Another option is registering with insurance claims network companies Harmon Solutions Group, Lynx/Metryx, Safelite, Alliance Claims Solutions, and Gerber National. This will allow you to easily process claims with approximately 95% of all insurance providers. Windshield Repair Forum member Roo states that, “…you might as well just play the network game if you are going to accept insurance. If not, just charge cash and let the customer be reimbursed.” You can see the forum post with links to these companies by clicking here.

Once you have been registered with a network provider or insurance company, a simple call to the customer service number on your customer’s insurance card will start the process. When the repair is approved you will be given a confirmation number. Be sure you record this number on the customer’s invoice as this is how the claims department will authorize payment to you.

Note: Since the law requires all drivers in the USA carry proof of insurance in their car, your customers will have their insurance cards available when you schedule or perform a windshield repair. The insurance card should have a phone number listed for reporting claims, however, in many cases the phone number listed will be for a third party administrator (TPA), commonly called an insurance claims network.

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