Picking Up the Bottom Line

As you know, in the windshield repair business a key to increasing profits is to increase the number of vehicles you are able to repair on a daily basis. While a consistent location, great service, a professional appearance, and high-quality work go a long way toward increasing walk-in customers, there are many vehicles that will never drive in for one simple reason. They are not owned or maintained by the people that drive them.

There are numerous companies in any given area that manage vehicles in fleets. These range from the small-scale pizza delivery service to the local utility that may own and operate hundreds of vehicles. By making a professional presentation to the managers of such fleets you can increase the efficiency of your business and improve your bottom line.

For the fleet manager, there are multiple advantages of using a windshield repair service. The two most important points are going to be decreased downtime and decreased cost. A windshield repair does not take a vehicle out of commission. By repairing the glass before or after the driver’s shift, the vehicle will be ready to go at the start of the next workday. Secondly, a windshield repair costs far less than a replacement; a great feature for anybody managing a budget these days.

Don’t forget to mention the more traditional advantages of windshield repair over windshield replacement. A repair restores the structural integrity of the glass making it safer, the original factory seal is not disturbed so leaks and safety are not an issue, and the repair will improve the appearance of the windshield.

Presenting the numerous advantages of windshield repair to a fleet manager is sure to land you a satisfied client. For more on this topic, visit www.windshield-repair-forum.com and search the term “fleet”.

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