Delta Kits, Inc. Donates $22,000 For Water Wells

Eugene, OR. – January 1, 2010 – As pledged earlier in the month, Delta Kits donated all proceeds from retail sales during the week of December 21st – 25th to Living Water International.

Living Water International is a Christian organization dedicated to providing clean and safe drinking water to the over 880 million people around the world who currently do not have that luxury. In addition to the $22,000, Delta Kits makes regular contributions to several other charitable organizations including Life Outreach International, Disabled American Veterans, Special Olympics, Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Children’s Miracle Network, American Bible Society, and McDowell Ministries.

“There’s no shortage of good causes”, says Brent Deines, President of Delta Kits, “but none have a greater impact than the simple gift of clean water; something that most of us take for granted. There is no better feeling than knowing you are helping someone less fortunate than yourself.”

Mindy Beaver, office manager for Delta Kits, and husband Rick donated Mindy’s entire bi-weekly paycheck to the Advent Conspiracy through Norkenzie Christian Church who also supports Living Water. “It’s people like Rick and Mindy who are changing the world”, said Deines. “The struggling economy in Eugene has taken a toll on their family finances this year so it was no small sacrifice to give up two weeks pay in addition to their many other donations. It’s quite humbling to work with generous people like Mindy.”

When asked why she and her husband felt compelled to be so generous Beaver had this to say, “It is our love for God, who provides everything we need, that led us. The really cool part is that He uses ordinary people like us so that He can provide the needs of others.”

Deines credits Delta Kits customers and employees for the ability to give to charity. “I cannot begin to express how much I appreciate our customers”, says Deines. “I have been serving many of them for over two decades and their loyalty is what makes our company successful. I am also very thankful for my co-workers. Everything we do at Delta Kits is a team effort and I thank God for the good fortune to work with some of the best people I have ever met.”

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