Benefits of Attending Delta Kits Training and Certification

  • It significantly reduces the learning curve for windshield repair.  Avoid mistakes by learning proven windshield repair procedures first.
  • Witness first-hand what proper windshield repairs should look like so you can set realistic expectations.
  • It increases your confidence because you’ll learn proven techniques.
  • You’ll learn helpful tips and advice for business start-ups.
  • You’ll get a leg up on your competition by learning the marketing techniques of seasoned professionals.
  • You can network with fellow technicians.  Learn from others in your industry who have varying levels of experience.
  • You’ll become factory certified by Delta Kits.  You can use the Delta Kits brand recognition- and certification- to enhance your credibility.

Below are comments from windshield repair technicians/forum members who have attended the Delta Kits Factory Training & Certification Course. This is what David from Mandeville, Louisiana had to say:

“I did a fair amount of research before deciding which kit/company to go with. I recently talked with a WSR tech that wanted to sell his WSR business, and asked him to do a repair so I could see the equipment he claimed to be “the best there is”.  On a “practice windshield”, the repair he did was at best a 70% visual improvement in the damaged area (and that is being a little generous). I don’t recall the manufacturer of the equipment he used, but I do recall that it was one of the most expensive and that it had some of the best and slickest marketing (especially their website) to promote their system. In my opinion, there are three aspects to consider when deciding which WSR kit to buy;

  • The quality of the repairs the “system” is capable of
  • The training that’s available
  • The customer service provided after a kit is purchased

I went with Delta Kits, but before buying ANYTHING, I attended one of their one-day repair workshops. During the workshop, I was amazed at the quality of the repairs I was able to make after a little training. Throughout that day, I wondered if their equipment worked as well “in the field” as it did in class (it does).  While the DK equipment seems simple at first glance, don’t confuse simplicity with effectiveness. I am often very surprised at the quality of the repairs this equipment is capable of. I somewhat hedge my sales presentation by telling a potential customer that,” if I can’t provide a minimum of an 80% visual improvement in their windshield, I won’t do a repair”. Nearly all of the repairs I do result in a 90%-95% visual improvement (sometimes, better). Coupled with a 100% lifetime guarantee (in writing) for all repairs, it’s not a “hard sell”.

The “customer service” aspect is just as important as the equipment you end up purchasing. This will be critical no matter which kit you end up getting. As for my experience, the staff at Delta Kits has been amazing when it comes to support (and has been VERY patient when answering ANY question and helping solve any problems I have had).?Hope you find this info helpful-” (David T., Mandeville, LA)

This is what Paul from Oakland, Calif., had to say:

I find it interesting that much of the marketing used by many of the companies that manufacture and sell WSR equipment use Delta Kits equipment as the test standard and comparison. It tells you less about what each company is offering and much more about the quality and performance of Delta Kits’ equipment. I also attended the one day training at Delta Kits. I have since used only Delta Kits equipment and supplies. I have been able to achieve great results right from the start and my repairs are getting better and better with time. I also feel that a lot of fancy high tech equipment, pumps, tubes, etc., are not necessary to achieve positive results. (Paul R., Oakland, Calif.)

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