Tech Tip: Maintaining your Windshield Repair Resin Injector

Properly maintaining your windshield repair resin injector will save you time and money. Delta Kits windshield repair systems require very little maintenance, but cleaning your injector after each repair is absolutely essential.

The process is really quite simple, but must be performed properly and consistently to keep your injector in top working condition, particularly if you are using one of the new Delta Kits I-100 injectors due to its extra tight tolerances. Recommended cleaning procedures are as follows:

  • Separate the piston from the cylinder immediately after use and lock the piston in the vacuum position.
  • Rinse both parts in denatured alcohol for a minimum of 30 seconds.
  • Remove the parts from the alcohol and set the piston back to the pressure position.
  • Rinse the piston for an additional 30 seconds.
  • Blow out any residual alcohol that remains in or on the piston and/or cylinder with compressed air.
  • Store the piston and cylinder separately in your Delta Kits tool box with the piston in the pressure position. Be sure to keep the lid closed to reduce UV exposure.

Note:  The I-100 is longer than the EZK-3 so you will need a larger, 6oz cleaning jar.  You can order a Delta Kits jar (part number JR600) that will also work for your older injectors.

Failure to properly clean your injector voids the lifetime warranty, so please take the extra two minutes to thoroughly clean your injector after each repair performed.

Denatured alcohol is available at most paint and hardware stores. Always carry a can of compressed air with you in case there is not an air compressor available at the jobsite. Compressed air is available at most office supply stores, just be sure that it does not contain an oil or lubricant of any kind.

With proper maintenance your Delta Kits injector will last a lifetime!

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