Question: When performing a windshield repair, where do you store your toolbox?

A forum member called “ATX_Windshield_Repairs” shared this experience:

“I was in the process of repairing about a 12″ crack on the edge of a Toyota Tundra windshield. As usual, I had a fender protector over the hood with my kit on top of it, close to me. I was about 90% finished with the repair when a gust of wind hit under the back side of the fender cover and caused the kit to go smashing to the ground. So, I got off the step stool and start picking up everything. As I was doing this, my 10 speed dremel (twice the size of a regular dremel) was still on the fender cover on the hood, and another gust of wind blew the cover and dremel to the ground. But before the dremel hit the ground, it landed bit first on the top of my foot!

It went through my shoe and not only did it stab me, it just so happened to pierce a large vein that caused blood to squirt from my foot all over my shoe, and sock!

It messed up my shoe, broke my bit and my light, and it just put me in a foul mood….

So, just be careful out there, even the repair business can be dangerous ….”

So the debate began: Where do you store your tool box when performing a windshield repair? Numerous forum members posted their preferences but in the end, everyone agreed to disagree.

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