All Sanding Discs are Not Created Equal!

Using the right sanding discs is paramount to ensure each of your headlight restorations is completed with optimal quality. Some sanding materials on the market will cost more than others, but that doesn’t mean they perform better. Also, there’s an overwhelming amount of grit sizes to choose from. Delta Kits does the work for you by extensively researching and testing different sanding materials to ensure you’re achieving optimal quality at the best possible price with your headlight restoration system. Here are a few things we’ve encountered through testing different sanding discs:

Q: What makes one brand different from another?

A: Delta Kits continually tests a variety of sanding disks before selecting the ones to provide in its systems. Upon comparison, some brands fill up with debris at a much faster rate than others. Most importantly, some show a better longevity than other brands, such as the ones Delta Kits provides its customers.

Q: How do I know what grit size of sanding disc to use?

A: Delta Kits training, instructions and material make the headlight restoration process simple. The grit size of sandpaper isn’t the only factor to consider when deciding what sandpaper to use. The longevity of the sandpaper and the price you pay for it give the sandpaper its value.

Q: Will different sanding discs perform the same, regardless of wet sanding or dry sanding?

A: Testing has shown the sanding discs in a Delta Kits’ headlight restoration system work equally well for both wet and dry sanding. This isn’t the case with all brands, however. Although most automotive sandpaper is made for both wet and dry sanding, it’s important to make sure the sandpaper you’re choosing is meant for wet sanding if that’s what you will do with it. The water used during wet sanding can create somewhat of a mess, but it does help cut down on the dust in the air.

Q: How did Delta Kits decide on what grit sizes to use for headlight restoration?

A: Delta Kits chose the sanding discs it provides customers through testing a variety of types and brands. The original Delta Kits headlight restoration system included seven different grits sizes of sanding discs. Through ongoing research and the testing of products, we were able to narrow it down to four types of sandpapers to make the process more efficient and minimize cost.

Q: What does Delta Kits consider when researching different types of sanding material?

A: Delta Kits tests for longevity, performance, quality (disc thickness, adhesiveness, grit shape, grit spacing) and cost. The sanding discs provided in a headlight restoration system are suited for sanding on contoured or curved surfaces, as well as flat surfaces.

Q: How does Delta Kits test different sanding materials?

A: Delta Kits employees put a variety of sanding materials through very stringent tests. We select an extremely discolored headlight to use as a sample. Then we apply the sanding paper to the headlight with extra pressure. All while sanding into alignment tabs on the headlights to observe tearing. Delta Kits includes only the most durable sanding discs in their headlight restoration systems. Delta Kits will continue to test new sanding materials to make sure our products provide the best “bang for the buck” and our customers achieve the best possible results.

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