Are you thinking about competing in the Windshield Repair Olympics?

Dear readers,

I’ve given this a great deal of thought and decided that for the first time, Delta Kits will sponsor contestants in the 2010 Windshield Repair Olympics. Other manufacturers have sponsored contestants in past years, but we have refrained from doing so because we think the Windshield Repair Olympics should focus primarily on the skill and professionalism of the technician. Does the equipment matter? Well of course we think so, but anyone who has attended the Windshield Repair Olympics will tell you that, regardless of the system used in the competition, most of the contestants do exceptional repairs. Brian Fenner is a very self driven competitor, but I think that not having a sponsor gave him even more incentive to win the competition. His 2nd place prize money in 2008 did not even cover his expenses, but his 1st place prize money in 2009 did!

So why the change of heart? Well, primarily because we have been contacted by a number of Delta Kits users who would like to compete but just can’t justify the expense in this economy. Since our competitors are sponsoring contestants, it only seems fair that we offer some assistance to Delta Kits users as well. Besides, poor Brian would like some company!

I also gave a lot of thought to how much assistance we should provide, and to whom we should offer it. Invitation only was one thought, but that might create some hard feelings. A set amount to each Delta Kits user who enters the contest was another idea, but that didn’t really seem fair as some will show up far more prepared than others. Therefore we decided to offer a combination of incentives that will be progressively more attractive to those who bring their A game. Here is what we are offering:

Complimentary Delta Kits baseball cap.

Complimentary Delta Kits shirt (style to be determined).

Complimentary Delta Kits windshield repair resin to be used in the competition.

Team dinner with other Delta Kits contestants and Delta Kits employees.

Reimbursement of up to $150 competition fee (includes one year membership in the NWRA) – Delta Kits certified technicians only.

$250 cash prize for 3rd place.

$500 cash prize for 2nd place.

$1000 cash prize for 1st place.

I hope that this will be just enough incentive to encourage serious Delta Kits users to compete, but not enough to attract those just looking for a free trip to Vegas. Combined with the prize money that AGRR is putting up, a Delta Kits user who takes third place will be able to cover most of his or her expenses. If he or she takes 2nd place, all expenses should be covered and there may even be enough change left to throw a couple of quarters in a slot machine. A 1st place win will bring in enough prize money to cover all expenses and still go home with a few bucks in your pocket.

There is some fine print, but nothing any Delta Kits user will object to. Just the Delta Kits tattoo on your forehead and stuff like that.”

-Brent Deines, President of Delta Kits

Please contact us at if you are a Delta Kits user interested in competing in the 2010 Windshield Repair Olympics. Delta Kits will e-mail you the requirements to receive the incentives listed above.

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