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New technology minimizes air bubbles at the bottle tip making Premium Pit Plus easier to place than other pit fillers.The viscosity of Premium Pit Plus bridges the gap between traditional pit fillers and higher viscosity plate glass resins. It’s the perfect resin for filling large or small surface chips, or capping a large pit prior to injecting low viscosity resin into the damaged glass.

Premium Pit Plus is formulated to cure faster than other pit resins, and provides superior resistance to weathering.

Yellowing is a thing of the past with Premium Pit Plus and technicians appreciate the smooth, hard, glass-like finish that eliminates wiper streaks.

Technicians immediately notice the improved ease of use and exceptional performance. The bottle tip stays cleaner too!

Premium Pit Plus is packaged in plastic squeeze bottles.

Viscosity 3600cps


The 180 grit sanding disc can be used for initial sanding on headlights that have severe discoloration.

Once the initial sanding is completed, resume the regular sanding procedure using the 320, 600, and 1500 grit sanding discs, followed by the 3000 grit polishing disc.

The 180 grit sanding discs are available in packs of 30.

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