Following in His Footsteps

This past month I had a conversation with someone I have known for about 3 years. Typically I see him monthly, although there are instances where I might run into him 2 or even 3 times during the month.

Each time we run into each other we usually have a very pleasant conversation. How’s your wife / husband doing, have you been doing well, any new hobbies, etc. You know what I’m talking about; general chit chat/follow-up type of stuff.

At one point he had indicated he was an accountant. This seemed to fit the picture and I didn’t question it. He said he had his own practice, but that he was cutting back to part-time as he was getting closer to retirement.

This past month when we were again talking he told me he was in “Fire Insurance”. Immediately my ears perked up and I questioned him “I thought you were an accountant?” “Yes” he said to me “I am and I am in fire insurance….Personal Fire Insurance.”

I wonder what the look on my face was when I discovered that he was a 25 year Baptist Minister. Even though he was not shouting to everyone what his profession was, he was showing us through his actions. You see he felt that his actions gave him a way to show people he loved them and wanted to help in any way possible, to be that example. What a wonderful real life example this was to me of the above scripture.

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