Mobile Tech 2010 Recap

Mobile Tech 2010, in Clearwater, Florida was a good show for Delta Kits. We occupied a double booth this year in order to focus our attention on both windshield repair and headlight restoration. It was definitely a smart move! Both Bruce and I were kept busy throughout the entire show, with no time for lunch/bathroom breaks, answering questions and giving demonstrations. It appeared to me that more people were interested in headlight restoration to grow their current business, whereas the people who were talking to us about windshield repair were trying to get tips/pointers on how to take their windshield repairs to the next level. Both are great reasons to attend the Mobile Tech Expo.

My favorite thing about the Mobile Tech Expo is the fact that most attendees are from small companies and in most cases the technician is the owner. These are the hands-on people that take great pride in their profession and understand that their reputation is their best business card. These folks always seem to be open to hearing about new ways to expand and/or improve their business. They understand expenses and the true bottom line of their business. This is one reason the seminars that go on throughout the days are so well attended.

Our first seminar on Thursday was very well attended.  I did a headlight restoration demonstration, explaining what made our system different and the benefits of headlight restoration, then fielded questions afterward.  Everyone who was in attendance was very impressed with the quality our system can achieve, especially with how easy it is to use. The second seminar on Saturday had the same presentation, results, and positive response. Both of these seminars generated purchases of our headlight restoration system, proving they were a success.

Delta Kits held an on-the-road training course on Sunday after the show, which was also very well attended.  The trainees were quick learners and their repairs looked like they were completed by seasoned pros. Everyone in attendance was certified after completing our factory training and certification course and passing the final exam.

I am already looking forward to next year and hope to see even more of you there.

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