Tech Tip – Dry-out Alternatives

I’d like to know what dry out alternative methods you guys may use besides a moisture evaporator or Drystar. Excluding the vehicles defroster or a hair dryer. (Question from member Time2Shine)

There is a big difference between warming the glass and drying out a break. Although a lot of windshield repair technicians use torches I prefer not to use an open flame. It works well, but it is much harder to control the temperature of the glass. Not impossible, just harder. ??

Before drying out a break it is important to warm the glass. I find it very interesting that so many technicians are afraid of the defrosters but instead use lighters, torches, hair dryers and heat guns. I find the defrosters to be very useful in keeping the entire windshield reasonably warm and safer than any other heating method. I do however like to warm the outside with a hair dryer with the defrosters running on the inside whenever possible…before drying out a break. Unless you have an hour or two to kill warming from the inside with any method is not going to cut it, and neither is using a hair dryer. You need some relatively intense heat to remove the moisture rapidly. The only tools I am aware of that work well for this purpose are moisture evaporators (my preference), heat guns, and torches.??

Regardless of your preferred dry out tools, only use these tools from outside the vehicle. (Answered by B. Deines)

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