Tech Tip: Sometimes the Simplest Solution is Best

One of the many changes Delta Kits made in its newest line of windshield repair systems was the addition of a dust blower. Don’t let the cost or simplicity fool you. Cleaning the pit before starting is an important step in the windshield repair process. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. Not only does the dust blower improve resin flow and the optical clarity of the finished repair by safely removing loose glass. But it also removes other contaminates from the pit area after probing. But it is also the best way to remove glass dust from a drill hole. It’s far more efficient for this purpose than a paper towel or even a brush.

After using a probe, we often see technicians using their mouths to blow away loose glass fragment and other contaminates. Not only is this practice ineffective, but it can also introduce moisture into the damage and puts your eyes dangerously close to the action. We’ve also seen technicians use their bare hand to wipe away loose glass fragments, which is obviously a good way to get cut. Better, is the practice of using a paper towel or brush to remove loose glass and contaminates from the pit area, but even these popular methods cannot remove fine glass dust from a deep pit or drill hole like the Delta Kits dust blower.

For just a few dollars, the dust blower allows you to quickly, thoroughly, and safely clean a pit or drill hole, leading to faster and higher quality repairs. Have a look at our newest technical video to see the dust blower in action and take advantage of a super low sale price during the month of August.

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