Safety Tip- Safety In The Workplace

Recently, Delta Kits published a safety tip explaining the importance of wearing safety glasses, but here is a real testimonial from a fellow technician Glass Starz.
“When I first started I wore safety glasses then after a long time figured they weren’t really that important nothing ever splashes or squirts all the way to your face. Well Friday I was really happy to have a pair of Sunglasses on when the seal gave and squirted a entire injector full directly into my glasses the way the skin on my face burned from the little that splashed I can only imagine what my eyes would feel like. Safety Glasses aren’t a bad idea”

A couple of forum members chimed in about the importance of safety in the work place.

“As far as Safety Glasses are concerned, I require all of my techs regardless of the job at hand to wear Glasses, Gloves & Respirators when performing our services. I have made the mistake before of cleaning our equipment (WSR) and got a little Magnibond on my hand but even then it was my mistake and foolishness to not be wearing some sort of protection.??When cleaning a break I have witnessed on countless occasions glass particles bouncing out of the break and hitting the lens of the glasses so this can very well occur.??I have recently went as far as to now having MSDS Safety Data Material Sheets on hand in a 3 ring binder on us at all times on all of the chemical or products which we carry. If you utilize the Delta Kits equipment and if you are unsure that you have MSDS Sheets on hand I would strongly urge you to give them a call and request they send you those.”

“I bought a nice 3m respirator for doing HLR as I feel it is more comfortable. It is the type used in body shops for painting. Probably overkill for dust particles but comfort was my main concern.??I stress that everyone become familiar with the MSDS sheets too! When resin is in your eye is not the best time to try and read one of those.”

Everyone agrees safety in the workplace is very important. A number of work place injuries are contributed to the lack of training and human negligence. In reality most injuries are easily avoidable by taking a couple of preventive measures. We would like to give a special thanks to forum members Glass Starz, Time2Shine, and Roo for sharing their experiences.

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