A Working Road Trip to Las Vegas

Delta Kits exhibits at SEMA If you called Delta Kits during the first week of November to talk with Korey, Bruce or me, you were probably told we were “vacationing” in Las Vegas on the company dime. In truth, during this vacation Delta Kits was exhibiting at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Association trade show at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The 2010 SEMA show drew over 100,000 attendees during its five-day run with exhibits by many different companies including major car manufacturers, detailing supply companies, auto restoration businesses and of course, Delta Kits. Our neighbors this year were Pica Leather (custom leather interiors) and Car Planet, a manufacturer of eco-friendly detailing products.

One of the noticeable takeaways from the show is that businesses are more than interested in adding services to existing customers. The low investment and ease of providing windshield repair and headlight restoration to an existing business makes these services especially appealing to companies looking to bolster their bottom line.

Especially popular were the windshield repair and headlight restoration demonstrations provided by Delta Kits. Yes, we did fire up the sanding equipment, made a lot of noise, and thoroughly impressed people seeing headlight restoration for the first time as well as those already providing a headlight restoration service. The results were consistent and easy to achieve. There were multiple passers-by who asked where they could get the service in their local area.

If you are interested, Korey has put together a short video and posted it on the Windshield Repair Forum for your viewing pleasure.

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