Spring Hammer Hits the Mark

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Well, I get home tonight to find my new Delta Kits Spring Hammer on my front porch! I am super excited about this new tool. So I take it out of the package and I am nothing short of impressed with the quality of this new toy. I figured out real fast how to use the spring loaded mini bulls-eye maker but this tool is a multi function tool as Korey described to me over the phone.

I get on the Delta Kits website and as I suspected Delta once again thought of everything and already posted a video of this cool new tool on the front page of their website. It has a built in scribe which is replaceable if it ever dulls out and you can take it out and flip it around to protect the point and yourself when you are not using it. On the opposite end you can unscrew the cap and there is a built in measuring device to make sure you are drilling to the proper depth to create a perfect mini bulls-eye.

So I put it back in the mailing package and say to myself, “I will test this thing out in the morning on my practice glass”. Well, after dinner I couldn’t stand it. I head out to the garage and drill a hole in my practice glass, measure the depth with the handy new gauge (by the way, I have been drilling way too deep) and then cock the spring mechanism and release it and presto! Instant perfect bulls-eye with a touch of a button! The bulls-eye it creates is about 1/4 inch or 1/2cm. I drilled 7 more holes using the gauge every time to make sure I was achieving proper depth with my drill and the spring hammer worked flawlessly every time and provides a consistent size bulls-eye every time. AMAZING!

The slide hammer was and is an awesome tool but this new spring hammer takes all the guesswork out of drilling and popping a bulls-eye to stop a crack from spreading. I can’t wait to use it in the field!

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