Damaged Windshield Ploy is Fastest Growing Insurance Scam

The Sun Sentinel reports the fastest growing insurance scam involves con artists approaching motorists in parking lots and offering to fix a supposedly damaged windshield — without involving insurance or requiring you to pay a deductible.

The scamsters will tell you about a barely visible crack in your windshield that threatens to burst wide open. The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports this scam is up more than 500 percent from a year ago.

Now, you may ask, “What do I care if I don’t have to pay a deductible?” Well, in most states, a claim like this against your insurance would harm you and likely raise your premium down the road. In addition, The Sun Sentinel reports the scamsters are often replacing perfectly good windshields with inferior-grade products.

Depending on their laws, some states may also consider you a co-conspirator if you fall for this scam. You could find yourself charged with an act of fraud!

Remember, you will know when to replace a windshield — typically when you have a crack that spiders out and affects your ability to see out of the window. That’s the time for action. Don’t do be duped into false action when a fast-talking con artist tries to convince you about a replacement windshield.

In related news, our senior producer Kim was approached by a con artist with this very same scam in a parking lot.

Meanwhile, our executive producer Christa was driving down the road and a guy pulled up and motioned to her to roll down her window. He offered to fix a dent without involving insurance if she pulled over! Needless to say, she didn’t go for it.

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