Vertical Repair Instructions using the Delta Kits I-100 Injector

A vertical repair on a windshield, are windshields that are set at a 90-degree angle, or perpendicular to the ground. Repairing vertical windshields takes a little more practice to perfect. But, can be as easy to repair as non-vertical windshields and with the same success.

It is important to note that vertical windshields are typically installed in buses, large trucks, and motor coaches. The glass and the laminate are often thicker than a standard passenger vehicle, and the windshields are larger.  Because of the thicker glass, repairs may take longer to fill, and you should allow for this in your scheduling. Remember, a repair is incomplete until all the resin replaces the air within the glass.

When setting up the bridge on any repair, try to locate the injector below the vacuum cup. This will assure that excess resin does not run down the glass on to the vacuum cup. Resin on the cup is not only messy to clean up, but may damage the cup. On most repairs, you want the injector to be as perpendicular to the glass as possible to achieve the best seal. On a vertical repair, however, it is necessary to adjust the bridge by angling the top knob of the injector slightly upward. It only takes about 5 degrees of angle to keep the resin flowing down the injector, so don’t create more of an angle than necessary. More than a 5-degree angle can result in resin leaking from the end seal.

It is important to use a dropper or small syringe to load the injector with resin.  Insert the dropper or syringe as far into the injector as you can. So, that the resin goes directly into the end seal. Use of a squeeze bottle or trying to count drops from a dropper. This will result in most of the resin ending up in the inside threads of the injector, rather than in the end seal. You may find that using a little more resin will also aid in the end seal filling completely. Adding a couple of additional drops of resin should be more than enough to aid in filling the seal.

Assuming you get a good seal against the glass and plenty of resin into the end seal. The rest of the repair process is the same as the basic procedure. Look for detailed descriptions in the Delta Kits’ instruction manual for all repairs. With a little practice, most technicians find the preceding method to be the best way to repair vertical windshields.

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