Mobile Tech 2009 and On the Road Training Recap

The 2009 Mobile Tech Expo in Clearwater, Florida had a good turn out this year.  While it seemed as though the attendee numbers were down from 2008, those in attendance were there to improve their business. At larger trade shows people may be interested in one or two out of the hundreds or thousands of items on display, but at the Mobile Tech Expo you can count on just about everyone coming by the booth. Bruce and I were so occupied on Friday, doing demonstrations and sharing product information, that we were several hours into the show before either one of us had time to step away from the booth to meet other exhibitors.  We made several new friends and spent time with many old friends as well. It was everything we could have hoped for.

My favorite thing about the Mobile Tech Expo is the fact that most attendees are from small companies and in most cases the technician is the owner. These are the hands-on people that take great pride in their profession and understand that their reputation is their best business card.  These folks always seem to be open to hearing about new ways to expand and/or improve their business. They understand expenses and the true bottom line of their business.  This is one reason the seminars that go on throughout the days are so well attended.

I was fortunate enough to present two seminars at this year’s Mobile Tech Expo. On Thursday afternoon I presented “Business Opportunity-Windshield/Windscreen Repair”.  Meanwhile, Bruce was visiting one of our customers in Ft Myers, conducting product awareness training for twenty customer service representatives. We ended our presentations on Saturday with the “Additional Profit Center-Is Windshield/Windscreen Repair for you?” seminar. The participants of each seminar were very focused on improving their businesses.

There was only one other windshield repair supplier at the show this year, which was a little disappointing, but the PDR companies were out in force. We displayed the new Delta Kits Headlight Restoration System for the first time and it was a big hit. Headlight Restoration is definitely becoming more commonplace within the mobile services industry. There was also a good showing of interior repair supply companies, along with vendors selling gold plating equipment, window tinting, paint touch up systems, PDR tools, and various detailing supplies.

Brian Fenner, a Delta Kits customer won the award for the Mobile Tech Windshield Repair Person of the Year. If you know Brian or SGT as he is known on the forum, be sure to visit and congratulate him. Click Here to read about Brian’s other accomplishments this year.

On January 18th Delta Kits held an On the Road Factory Training and Certification class in Clearwater, Beach Florida, which is just across the bridge from Clearwater. We had ten attendees for the class, including two coming from the Bahamas and Canada. All technicians that attended the Delta Kits training class were doing good repairs by the end of the day and they all passed Delta Kits’ certification exam. Good job guys!

Being back here in Eugene and reflecting on the previous week I am excited to do it all again next year. If you have never attended a Mobile Tech Expo but would like to, keep your plans open for mid-January 2010, you won’t be disappointed. Every year we hand out discount coupons for the expo, so let us know if you plan to attend.

If you are interested in attending a Delta Kits training and certification class please visit our web site at or call us at 800-548-8332 to get locations, dates, and other relevant information.

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