How to Double Your Profit per Customer!

Is the down economy hurting your business? Are you tired of the competition in your area eating into your profits? Do you need something to set yourself apart from the crowd?  Delta Kits, Inc. is excited to announce the release of a new product that will do exactly that.  The new HLPRO202 Professional Headlight Restoration System has everything you need to quickly and efficiently restore the clarity of weathered headlights.

Start doubling your profit per customer! By adding headlight restoration to your current business model, you can double your profit and still see the same amount of customers you do today.  Or, make the same amount of profit and only see half the number of customers you do today. Either way you are better off. At this time, the average charge to restore a pair of headlights is between $50 and $75 wholesale and $80 to $120 retail! What could you do with extra cash in your wallet?

Headlight restoration is a very appealing, profitable, value added service. The Delta Kits professional headlight restoration system is easy to use; taking only 30 minutes or less per restoration for both headlights. The Delta Kits HLPRO202 contains everything you will need for restoring cloudy or discolored headlights, allowing you to restore the optical clarity of the discolored lenses.

Headlight restoration increases safety, eliminates costly replacements, enhances the appearance of a vehicle, and increases the resale value of any vehicle. This process also prevents, old used, light assemblies from going into landfills.

Delta Kits Professional Headlight Restoration Systems are constructed and designed with the same high quality standards Delta Kits users have come to expect. The contents of this system are packed inside a durable toolbox with custom fitted foam interior to keep all your tools and supplies organized.

Visit and click on Headlight Restoration under the additional services category to discuss all aspects of headlight restoration, including marketing, technical, and business advice. Technicians from all parts of the world come together and share their ideas for the benefit of others.  As always, feel free to call in or email us with any questions.

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