Safety Tip- Razor Blades

On every windshield repair you should be using a new razor blade, but how do you dispose of the razor blade after you complete your windshield repair?

Unfortunately razor blades are one of the few products that cannot be easily recycled according to local authorities and our Internet searches on the subject. However razor blades should never be thrown into the trash without taking proper precautions first. So, here are some ideas for safe disposal.

Specially made razor blade disposal containers or sharps containers are probably the safest option, and can be purchased from your local safety supply store or from a variety of Internet stores. At Delta Kits we use a red sharps safe disposal container with a self-locking lid to collect used razor blades. When completely filled we dispose of the entire container in accordance with local regulations.

A more economical option is to use an empty plastic container with a screw-on lid. Keep in mind the container needs to be puncture-resistant as serious injuries may occur when still-sharp blades poke through trash bags or other unsuitable containers. Empty anti-freeze, bleach, and detergent jugs are made of heavy plastic, have large enough opening, and are very good for this purpose. Fill your container with your old blades until the container is full. Be sure to clearly mark the container “USED RAZOR BLADES”, and call your local sanitation department for proper disposal recommendations.

Please make your own safety and the safety of others your highest priority. It does not have to be expensive or time consuming.

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