How to Lay Curing Tab on the Glass

Question from a Delta Kits customer and member: Hi All, Newbie here. I did a small star break repair on a Saturn windshield. It was a sunny day and 75F. When I removed the DK Bridge I looked at the repair and saw no bubble. I applied the pit resin, curing tab, and the UV lamp. When I removed the lamp, there was a small bubble close to the surface. What do you think caused this, and can I do anything to repair this after the repair is cured? I’m not happy with the darn bubble look.

Answer from Delta Kits: There are a few possible causes, but if the air bubble is close to the surface it is most likely that you trapped a bubble in the pit resin when the curing tab was applied. Be sure when you apply your curing tab you place your pit filler below the break and allow the curing tab to push the resin up over the impact point or hole to minimize the chance of air bubbles near the surface.

View the short video below illustrating how to apply the pit resin and curing tab.

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