Delta Kits Trainers Receive NGA and NWRA Certification

Education and training are critical to the success of every windshield repair professional. Techniques and equipment vary greatly within the industry, so first and foremost, every windshield repair technician should receive manufacturer training and certification. Manufacturer training insures that technicians learn to properly use the equipment and techniques provided by the manufacturer.

Manufacturer training is only as good as the instructor teaching the course, so Delta Kits requires that all training and certification instructors are NGA (National Glass Association) and NWRA (National Windshield Repair Association) Certified Glass Repair Technicians. We know this is not something that our competitors require, but our commitment to quality requires us to do everything possible to help you achieve success in the windshield repair business.

In addition to the NGA and NWRA certification, Delta Kits trainers have thousands of hours of combined experience repairing windshields, and provide technical support for other technicians daily.

Have a technical question?  Call an expert trainer. Call one of Delta Kits’ NGA and NWRA Certified Glass Repair Technicians, Brent Deines, Korey Gobin, Bruce McDonald, or Jonathan Powell. 800-548-8332 x203.

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