Going Green At Delta Kits

With the environment at the fore front of many people’s minds these days and with everyone going green many companies are following suit and taking more care to protect the environment.

Therefore, when you receive an order from Delta Kits, you may notice that we’ve reused a box. Furthermore, we also reuse packaging material, often from local businesses who would otherwise take their new or gently used packing items to the landfill (so if you get “bubble wrap” or “peanuts” – you’ll know it’s post-consumer). We also use Cradle to Cradle certified boxes when shipping through the U.S. Postal Service. These boxes have been recognized for their ecologically-intelligent design. Since the inception of our going green initiative we have shipped nearly every outgoing parcel with 100% reused, recycled, or biodegradable shipping materials.

Also, we publish a monthly Wise Crack Newsletter and distribute coupons and special promotional offers via email and on our windshield repair forum. The Wise Crack Newsletter is available online instead of a mailing, which would produce a significant amount of waste. Copies are only printed on demand, when needed, using eco-friendly inks and paper.

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