Delta Kits Time2Shine Customer Speaks Out

I would like to let it be known that on February 3, 2009, Time2Shine made the Right Choice When choosing and purchasing our EZK-121 windshield repair system from Delta Kits.

From visiting the website and having the pleasure of speaking with account executive Korey Gobin, to viewing the how-to videos, and ultimately using the windshield repair system we knew Delta Kits was “Simply the Best”

You’re always available to help! Our calls and emails are handled promptly without any delay.
Delta Kits’ equipment is made of great quality & craftsmanship. The system out performs others and produces optimal results every repair with “simplicity”.  In addition, there isn’t any hard to use or unnecessary pumps and hoses.

From the beginning, we knew we were in good hands and we continue to be treated just as if were family. We are extremely satisfied and Time2Shine Auto Spa & Reconditioning are customers of Delta Kits for life!

Thanks for all the hard work and determination in an extraordinary piece of equipment, and for creating a voice for the Windshield Repair Community with the Windshield Repair Forum. I encourage anyone seeking a career move into the Windshield Repair Industry to choose Delta Kits! You will be pleased and you won’t regret you did it.


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