“Can a drill be used to do a headlight restoration?”

Answer: If a technician doesn’t have access to a random orbital tool, it is possible to use any standard drill to do a headlight restoration, as long as it’s equipped with the correct backing plate adapter. However, the random orbital sander is still the recommended power tool for headlight restoration. The erratic spinning and oscillation of the tool creates an ideal sanding motion that provides the best results.

The Metabo HLSTRP300 random orbital tool, included with Delta Kits HLPRO302 headlight restoration systems, is highly balanced, has low vibration, and allows variable motor speeds while delivering smooth operation and super fine finishes.

Technicians face the following risks by using a drill:

  • Drills are very difficult to control because they are limited to a circular sanding motion. If the technician is not extremely careful, damage to the vehicle may occur.
  • A drill may burn the lens, especially if the pad is held in one place for too long, or if too much pressure is applied against the lens.
  • Cordless drills, when used for sanding, may not have enough power. As the battery dies, the speed will fluctuate and increase the risk of damaging the lens.

Conclusion: In an emergency a drill can be used for headlight restoration, but for professional results you can’t beat the Metabo HLSTRP300.

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