Avoid the Cutting Edge

One of the many things I love about the windshield repair industry is that we generate very little waste. However, we do use razor blades to scrape cured resin from the glass and some of us use syringes to load our injectors. Delta Kits’ one shot syringes do not include needles and have a replaceable protective cap so they really are not dangerous. However, Oregon and other states now have laws pertaining to proper disposal of syringes, even those without needles.

You may already be using a sharps container to safely dispose of razor blades, but I find that most glass repair technicians are still throwing syringes in the garbage. This is now against the law in most if not all states. Sharps containers can get expensive, but the good news in Oregon is that they will also allow the use of gallon jugs. All they ask is that they are marked as SHARPS, and when full, you take them to the local landfill. Unlike florescent bulbs, computers, etc., so far local hazardous waste disposal facilities in Eugene are not charging for the disposal of these items. Authorities just want to make sure they do not go into landfills loose.

Visit www.safeneedledisposal.org to check your state and local laws and see what resources are available in your area.

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