Delta Kits Headlight Restoration System Receives Top 25 Recognition

Why let money drive out your door? It seems that many people have been asking that question. The Delta Kits Headlight Restoration systems will be featured in the December issue of Professional Tool & Equipment News as one of the top 25 most requested products of the year. The top 25 from the top 100 list are featured in the magazine.

The Delta Kits HLPRO302 Headlight Restoration System was introduced to provide an additional source of revenue for companies in the windshield repair and auto maintenance businesses. This service is valuable to their customers and the cost per job is very low creating a significant profit potential.

Additionally, just Delta-Kits-Headlight-Restoration-System as with Delta Kits windshield repair systems, the quality is high and the customer support is industry leading. The Delta Kits systems are some of the only available that actually protect a headlight from the UV light that causes them to become cloudy and yellow in the first place.

Join us in recognizing this milestone – during the month of November, all Headlight Restoration Systems are 10% off.

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