Tech Tip- How To Repair A Small Crack in a Windshield

After inspection of this particular damage, it was apparent that it did not have an impact point. Therefore, to gain access to the damage one must drill into the glass 2/3rds of the way through the outer lite. This was done using a round tip (26030) bur. Mount the bridge to the glass and place the injector over the hole you just drilled. Inject resin, making sure the resin flows all the way to the end of the crack.

Apply curing tape along the crack to insure no air seeps back into the break. Remove bridge and apply one drop of pit resin and a curing tab to the drill hole. Cure the entire repair for 5 minutes. Scrape excess resin along the crack holding the razor blade at a 45 degree angle. Scrape excess resin over the filled drill whole holding the razor blade at a 90 degree angle. Apply pit polish and buff entire area for optimal clarity.

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